Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a business coach?
Not really. I am first, a consultant or a strategist. 
People will often call me a business coach. They are not wrong. It’s just not entirely right. 
I work with business owners in a consultative fashion and give recommendations and suggestions. There is a little bit of coaching that happens when working with me, but our priority is that you can improve your business quickly and efficiently over a short period of time. We tackle your mindset and self-doubts as we go along since you’ll see changes as you implement.
I’m not a traditional business coach.
Who do you work with?

I work with both established and new service-based entrepreneurs, brick-and-mortar business owners, and people with businesses in the speaking industry. I help them create a foundation for better systems and processes in their business while developing opportunities to extend the customer lifetime value.

What do you mean by "established business owners"?
This means the owner has had at least two years of experience in business. This does not necessarily mean that the business itself needs to be at least two years old, just that the owner has two or more years of experience.
What do you mean by "people in the speaking industry"?

These are people who go to organizations and groups to provide keynotes, workshops, panels, or any other variety of services that puts them in front of a room to speak. They are paid by the organizations to provide these services.

How big does a business need to be to work with you 1-on-1?

When I work with business owners 1-on-1, it is best that the business has at least two people, which can include the owner, all the way up to 100 employees. The employees can either be W2 or contractors.

Do I need to have a business to work with you?
No, I have some services and offerings that may still be of interest to you. Let’s talk about what you are interested in.
How do you work with your clients?

I have a variety of ways that I work with clients, including 1-on-1, groups, a mastermind, retreats, courses, digital products, speaking, and several other opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more, let’s talk about what you are interested in.