My Favorite Tools

I’m saving you the guesswork and sharing my all-time favorite weapons to help you fast-track.

These resources are to ensure you, your business, your strategy, and your systems are well on their way to success.

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Some of my favorite business tools to manage my business and what I highly recommend for others’ use.


Here are some programs and freebies from amazing creators I fully endorse! Their programs are great resources to help you strengthen you and your business.

15 Days of Microadventures

From Carrie Doan @ Carrie Doan Coaching

A microadventure is a simple, easy escape from the routine and daily grind of life where you can experience a taste of excitement, connection, and the thrill you remember having as a kid. 

Pause your humdrum routine and leave stress behind with these simple, easy ideas to activate your senses and elevate your mood.

Download this amazing gift to get some inspiration for creating your own microadventures

Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership

Liz Wilcox launched her email marketing membership more than two years ago and has NEVER raised the price.

For only $9 a month, I get access to weekly email templates + examples, weekly video email mini-trainings on how to use the templates, and more templates on how to build a list of buyers. I even get access to List Building training, monthly Q&As, quarterly guest experts, and themed templates to help get clicks, make presales, and build an entire sales launch sequence. 

Ripple Maker Referral Program

From Ken Caputo @ Momentum Learning Systems

Generate meaningful referrals by creating meaningful value.

Developing a Ripple Maker Referral System for your business will allow you to focus on what is most important to you: making a positive impact through your work.

Discover the simple system that allows you to share your work through your existing network. Empower them to create a ripple effect that expands outward, reflecting back to you quality people who truly get you and what you do.