Let’s start where you are…

We can ensure you have everything necessary for your business to seize opportunities. We will support you in confidently growing and scaling your business, empowering you to make the most of your journey.

Let’s work on your business together!

You’re in the Scaling Phase.




Week 0, complimentary, 2-hour Business Strategy Assessment (Value $777)


14 weeks of weekly meetings, 75-minutes


1-on-1 with Reset-It Coach (Value $495)


Weekly HW of approx. 1 hour to complete 


Weekly goal & planning session


Continued into a monthly package for ongoing support

Unlock the full potential of your business by learning to say “no” strategically and with confidence.

In my 14-week 1-on-1 intensive program, we’ll craft a personalized roadmap, tackle weekly assignments, and build a two-year business strategy and the operations to support you, ensuring you focus on what matters most while enjoying the journey.

You need a trusted advisor who has the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business to its greatest potential.


You’re in the Growth Phase.




60-minute planning appointment.


2 hours of preparation homework.


Report of action steps given by the end of the meeting.


90-days of post-support.

If you’re struggling to articulate your value or lack a clear vision, kickstart your transformation with my one-day business bootcamp.

In the one-day business bootcamp, we’ll create a roadmap, outline specific actions, and provide a solid plan for your next steps, all condensed into a very efficient 8-hour session.

You are frustrated, tired, and stressed – none of which help you grow your business and sleep soundly at night.


You’re in the Building Phase.




A short 20-minute call to introduce the logistics of the package


Complete an online questionnaire


Schedule a 90-minute review call and discussion


Detailed 10+ page report from the discussion within 48 hours


Call recording, transcript, and meeting summary are available the same day


Schedule a follow-up support call, as needed

For those overwhelmed by ideas but lacking focus, the Business Strategy Assessment is your key to moving your business forward in just 4 hours!

Through a detailed questionnaire, a 90-minute meeting, and a comprehensive report, we’ll identify your strengths, weaknesses, and unique opportunities, giving you the clarity needed to thrive.

Needing a person to bounce questions and ideas that need to be fleshed out? What would happen if you took some time to discover where those thoughts could take you? 


You Have Other Interests.

Whether a one-off retreat, workshop, or keynote, the opportunity to help inspire and get fresh legs under you is always a good investment.

Here are some opportunities:


Retreats and Events 


Keynote, Breakout, and Panel Speaker 


Workshop Leader 


Podcast Guest

Sometimes a micro-commitment is all you need for your business.



Coming Soon!

Very excited to share with you some projects and offerings that will be available very soon.

Currently in development:


    ProMind Connect Mastermind

    Virtual Assistant Services

    Social Media Marketing & Management

    Hourly Consulting Packages

    Done-For-You VIP Day

    Subscription Box

    Systems Courses & Masterclasses

    case studies

    See real stories about the challenges our clients experienced and the results they achieved.

    Efficiency Overhaul: Streamlining Success in 15 Hours a Week

    Explore how a business tackled extensive manual administrative tasks, saved over 15 hours weekly through automation, and witnessed improved financial efficiency, client engagement, and streamlined operations, showcasing the transformative power of strategic operational overhauls.

    Strategic Shift: Transforming the Coaching Experience Through Internal Systems

    Dive into the story of a business coach who revolutionized her client onboarding process, embraced technology for efficiency, witnessed rapid list growth, enhanced client engagement, and operational excellence, showcasing the transformative impact of streamlined business practices.

    Revitalizing Finances: A Bookkeeping Success Story with lasting results

    Discover how a overwhelmed bookkeeping service overcame chaos, implemented strategic pricing, and introduced a lucrative new service, resulting in significant financial growth, improved client relationships, and operational efficiency.

    From Chaos to Control: Revolutionizing a Media Business Towards Forward Progress

    Uncover the journey of a media production company owner who, after overcoming challenges with unproductive co-owners, successfully streamlined operations, focused on core services, and achieved rapid financial growth, exemplifying the power of strategic repositioning.