Develop a clear-cut approach to strategize, systematize, and strengthen your growing business.

Is this you…?

You lack the confidence to try new things in your business.

You constantly say “yes” even when you really want to say “no”.

You’re afraid you will go out of business if you stop and take a break.

… does it have to be?

What would happen if your business processes and systems actually supported you and your business?


Your operations and the systems and processes that support you are the best parts of your business.

Make it feel like it


Amplifying your confidence when your systems work is how you will enjoy your business and lessen your pesky worries.


Your business needs two things – YOU and PROFIT. Get your business house in order so you have the time you need and the energy to make more money.


of small business owners feel overwhelmed and unsupported in accomplishing their roles and responsibilities.


of small business owners work more than 50 hours a week.

Let’s make your business and the systems that support it bulletproof so you can confidently set your sights on your bold, money-making future.

The Plan

Schedule a consultation

Meet with Chanaye for your free consultation. Let’s see if this is a good fit and if we should work together.

Brainstorm, Strategize & Implement

We talk about your business. We talk about your struggles and challenges. What do you need to address right now to be more successful?

Gain Traction, Grow Your Business

We came, we saw, we conquered. You are future – leaning and growing your business and client base with confidence.

Let’s work together, starting from wherever you are.

There is a plan for every level of your business…

…and a few more in the Resources Depot.

1 Day

Business Bootcamp

If you’re struggling to articulate your value or lack a clear vision, kickstart your transformation with my one-day business bootcamp, where we’ll create a roadmap, outline specific actions, and provide a solid plan for your next steps, all condensed into an efficient 8-hour session.

14 Week

Intensive Program

Unlock the full potential of your business by learning to say “no” strategically. In my 14 week 1-on-1 intensive program, we’ll craft a personalized roadmap, tackle weekly assignments, and build a two-year business strategy, ensuring you focus on what matters most while enjoying the journey.

4 Hour

Business Sprint

If you’re overwhelmed by ideas and lacking some focus, the business strategy assessment is the key to moving your business forward in just 4 hours. Through a detailed questionnaire, a 90-minute meeting, and a comprehensive report, we’ll identify your strengths, weaknesses, and unique opportunities, giving you the clarity needed to thrive.

Chanaye has taught me to be assertive in my business, taught me how to create wealth for longevity, organization where it’s needed, and she has installed confidence to strive forward.

Sade • Film Producer

A Simple Strategy to Move Your Business Forward

3Ps + You Framework

  • Your business does not have to be complicated.
  • It does not have to be full of frustration.
  • You already have what you need to gain traction.

case studies

See real stories about the challenges our clients experienced and the results they achieved.

Efficiency Overhaul: Streamlining Success in 15 Hours a Week

Explore how a business tackled extensive manual administrative tasks, saved over 15 hours weekly through automation, and witnessed improved financial efficiency, client engagement, and streamlined operations, showcasing the transformative power of strategic operational overhauls.

Strategic Shift: Transforming the Coaching Experience Through Internal Systems

Dive into the story of a business coach who revolutionized her client onboarding process, embraced technology for efficiency, witnessed rapid list growth, enhanced client engagement, and operational excellence, showcasing the transformative impact of streamlined business practices.

Revitalizing Finances: A Bookkeeping Success Story with lasting results

Discover how a overwhelmed bookkeeping service overcame chaos, implemented strategic pricing, and introduced a lucrative new service, resulting in significant financial growth, improved client relationships, and operational efficiency.

From Chaos to Control: Revolutionizing a Media Business Towards Forward Progress

Uncover the journey of a media production company owner who, after overcoming challenges with unproductive co-owners, successfully streamlined operations, focused on core services, and achieved rapid financial growth, exemplifying the power of strategic repositioning.